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Annual Venice Beach Events & Festivals

Food Trucks, Muscle Competitions, & Plenty More To See

The Venice Beach and Marina del Rey area are nothing short of exciting and is home to some of Southern California's most interesting events. If guests of our hotel near Marina del Rey are in the need of a party to set yourself apart from your friends back home, you have come to the right city. (You are sure to give your friends some serious FOMO.) Grab your phone and keep your Snapchat open because you never know what you are going to come across when wandering the streets of Venice, CA. Below are some annual events - that are sure to give you a few stories to take home with you after your stay at our Venice, California hotel.

Gourmet Food Trucks Night: "Beach Eats"

Take a break from beer pong and fuel your body with some bomb food for the epic night ahead. Starting Mid-May through September 27, 2018, you can find your favorite gourmet food trucks serving anything from seafood to tacos every Thursday from 5 pm - 9 pm. New this year, also enjoy live music from 6 pm - 8 pm while you feast by the sea. Grab your crew and cruise or Lyft over to 4101 Admiralty Way in Marina Del Rey to get your grub on.

Neptune Festival

Take your party to a whole new scene. June’s Neptune Festival is the official “Venice Start of the Summer Weekend” and with the costumes, music, and after party, it's bound to be #Instaworthy. The all day festivities start with a pre-party at The Sidewalk Café continuing with a festive parade-like stroll, and ending the night back where it all began at The Sidewalk Cafe for a post-party.

Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach!

Nothing says Venice like Muscle Beach. Check your hangover at the door and go see the Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach Competition for some serious flexing action. Happening on July 4th, 2018 at 9 am, this is the perfect event to kick off your tribute (party) for #merica.

Venice Beach Mardi Gras

Happening every February, the Venice Beach Mardi Gras starts at noon and is known for its wacky costumes, tons of beads, and zany energy. Each year holds a different theme for participation and each year the efforts are even more impressive. If you are looking for the party to top all parties, make sure you are keeping your Instagram feed up to date with that #venicebeachmardigras.

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